About Amanda

Hi Ya’ll!
My name is Amanda, and I lived on an island for a year  with my husband! Life on an island was a lot more difficult than one may think, with no car, no always stocked grocery stores, no constant supply of warm clean water. However, I wouldn’t trade this journey for all the coffee in the world. The Lord answered our prayers, and led us to the most perfect place at the most perfect time!

While we figure out what is next now that we’re back home, I am still on the slow train to a master’s degree. Bless our hearts, right?

Things I love are: My sweet husband. We met 13 years ago, at youth group, dated after college, and we’ve been married for three years! I have a traveler’s heart. I adore puppies! We adopted two from the shelters in the States, and we adopted another one from the island! I always have a list of books to read in my kindle app, of which I’ll never get done with, I am certain. I am a proud, hopeful Southerner, and we try to spread the Southern hospitality and kindness!! I love all things coffee. I’m at the level of “could be friends with the Gilmore Girls.” They’d love me, I just know it.